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 2014Co-generation of electric power and carbon nanotubes from dimethyl ether (DME)Sun, W.; Zhang, S.; Liu, W.
2007GaInNAs double-barrier quantum well infrared photodetector with the photodetection at 1.24 μmMa, B. S.; Fan, Weijun; Dang, Y. X.; Cheah, Weng Kwong; Loke, Wan Khai; Liu, W.; Li, D. S.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Zhang, Dao Hua; Wang, H.; Tung, Chih Hang
2007Interdiffusion in narrow InGaAsN∕GaAs quantum wellsLiu, W.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Huang, Z. M.; Wang, S. Z.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Fan, Weijun; Liu, C. J.; Wee, A. T. S.
2008Intersubband transitions in InGaAsN/GaAs quantum wellsLiu, W.; Hou, X. Y.; Jiang, Z. M.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Fan, Weijun
2018Pressure-tuned superconductivity and normal-state behavior in Ba(Fe0.943Co0.057)2As2 near the antiferromagnetic boundaryLiu, W.; Wu, Y. F.; Li, X. J.; Bud'ko, S. L.; Canfield, P. C.; Li, P. G.; Mu, G.; Hu, T.; Almasan, C. C.; Xiao, H.; Panagopoulos, Christos
 2020Redundant sniffer deployment for multi-channel wireless network forensics with unreliable conditionsXu, J.; Gong, S.; Zou, Y.; Liu, W.; Zeng, K.; Niyato, Dusit
2007Theoretical study of quantum well infrared photodetectors with asymmetric well and barrier structures for broadband photodetectionHuang, Z. M.; Liu, W.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Fan, Weijun
2006Transverse electric dominant intersubband absorption in Si-doped GaInAsN∕GaAs quantum wellsFan, Weijun; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Wang, S. Z.; Liu, H. C.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Liu, W.; Sun, L.