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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20133-D mesh-based optical network-on-chip for multiprocessor system-on-chipYe, Yaoyao; Xu, Jiang; Huang, Baihan; Wu, Xiaowen; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Xuan; Nikdast, Mahdi; Wang, Zhehui; Liu, Weichen; Wang, Zhe
2018ACA-SDS : adaptive crypto acceleration for secure data storage in big dataXiao, Chunhua; Zhang, Lei; Liu, Weichen; Bergmann, Neil; Li, Pengda
2017Chip temperature optimization for dark silicon many-core systemsLi, Mengquan; Liu, Weichen; Yang, Lei; Chen, Peng; Chen, Chao
2020Contention minimized bypassing in SMART NoCChen, Peng; Liu, Weichen; Li, Mengquan; Yang, Lei; Guan, Nan
2020Contention-aware routing for thermal-reliable optical networks-on-chipLi, Mengquan; Liu, Weichen; Duong, Luan H. K.; Chen, Peng; Yang, Lei; Xiao, Chunhua
 2012An efficient soft error protection scheme for MPSoC and FPGA-based verificationLiu, Weichen; Zhang, Wei; Mao, Fubing
 2018An efficient UAV hijacking detection method using onboard inertial measurement unitFeng, Zhiwei; Guan, Nan; Lv, Mingsong; Liu, Weichen; Deng, Qingxu; Liu, Xue; Yi, Wang
2019Energy-efficient application mapping and scheduling for lifetime guaranteed MPSoCsLiu, Weichen; Yi, Juan; Li, Mengquan; Chen, Peng; Yang, Lei
 2019Energy-efficient crypto acceleration with HW/SW co-design for HTTPSXiao, Chunhua; Zhang, Lei; Liu, Weichen; Bergmann, Neil; Xie, Yuhua
 2019Fine-grained task-level parallel and low power H.264 decoding in multi-core systemsLiu, Wenyang; Liu, Weichen; Li, Mengquan; Chen, Peng; Yang, Lei; Xiao, Chunhua; Ye, Yaoyao
2019Hardware-software collaborative thermal sensing in optical network-on-chip–based manycore systemsLi, Mengquan; Liu, Weichen; Guan, Nan; Xie, Yiyuan; Ye, Yaoyao
 2019Leaking your engine speed by spectrum analysis of real-time scheduling sequencesLiu, Songran; Guan, Nan; Ji, Dong; Liu, Weichen; Liu, Xue; Yi, Wang
2020Lightweight thermal monitoring in optical networks-on-chip via router reuseLi, Mengquan; Zhou, Jun; Liu, Weichen
2020Mitigation of tampering attacks for MR-based thermal sensing in optical NoCsZhou, Jun; Li, Mengquan; Guo, Pengxing; Liu, Weichen
 2012A novel low-waveguide-crossing floorplan for fat tree based optical networks-on-chipWang, Zhehui; Xu, Jiang; Wu, Xiaowen; Ye, Yaoyao; Zhang, Wei; Liu, Weichen; Nikdast, Mahdi; Wang, Xuan; Wang, Zhe
 2018NV-eCryptfs : accelerating enterprise-level cryptographic file system with non-volatile memoryXiao, Chunhua; Zhang, Lei; Liu, Weichen; Cheng, Linfeng; Li, Pengda; Pan, Yanyue; Bergmann, Neil
2019Routing in optical network-on-chip : minimizing contention with guaranteed thermal reliabilityLi, Mengquan; Liu, Weichen; Yang, Lei; Chen, Peng; Liu, Duo; Guan, Nan
 2012Thermal analysis for 3D optical network-on-chip based on a novel low-cost 6×6 optical routerYe, Yaoyao; Xu, Jiang; Wu, Xiaowen; Zhang, Wei; Liu, Weichen; Nikdast, Mahdi; Wang, Xuan; Wang, Zhehui; Wang, Zhe
2019Thermal sensing using micro-ring resonators in optical network-on-chipLiu, Weichen; Li, Mengquan; Chang, Wanli; Xiao, Chunhua; Xie, Yiyuan; Guan, Nan; Jiang, Lei
2018Thermal-aware task mapping on dynamically reconfigurable network-on-chip based multiprocessor system-on-chipLiu, Weichen; Yang, Lei; Jiang, Weiwen; Feng, Liang; Guan, Nan; Zhang, Wei; Dutt, Nikil