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2020CRNet : cross-reference networks for few-shot segmentationLiu, Weide; Zhang, Chi; Lin, Guosheng; Liu, Fayao
 2021Cross-image region mining with region prototypical network for weakly supervised segmentationLiu, Weide; Kong, Xiangfei; Hung, Tzu-Yi; Lin, Guosheng
2021Guided Co-segmentation network for fast video object segmentationLiu, Weide; Lin, Guosheng; Zhang, Tianyi; Liu, Zichuan
2022Image segmentation with less manual labeling effortLiu, Weide
2016Remote control for Nao humanoid robotLiu, Weide
 2020Weakly supervised segmentation with maximum bipartite graph matchingLiu, Weide; Zhang, Chi; Lin, Guosheng; Hung, Tzu-Yi; Miao, Chunyan