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 2014Electronic properties of conjugated polyelectrolyte/single-walled carbon nanotube compositesLi, Yao; Mai, Cheng-Kang; Phan, Hung; Liu, Xiaofeng; Nguyen, Thuc-Quyen; Bazan, Guillermo C.; Chan-Park, Mary B.
2017Enhancement of the bioavailability of a novel anticancer compound (acetyltanshinone IIA) by encapsulation within mPEG-PLGA nanoparticles: A study of formulation optimization, toxicity, and pharmacokineticsWang, Qi; Wei, Na; Liu, Xiaofeng; Luo, Kathy Qian
2016Study diabetes-related endothelial cell dysfunction in a hemodynamic microfluidic systemLiu, Xiaofeng