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 2012A handle bar metaphor for virtual object manipulation with mid-air interactionSong, Peng; Goh, Wooi Boon; Liu, Xiaopei; Hutama, William; Fu, Chi-Wing
2014Relativistic superfluidity and vorticity from the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equationXiong, Chi; Good, Michael R. R.; Guo, Yulong; Liu, Xiaopei; Huang, Kerson
2017Towards high-quality visualization of superfluid vorticesGuo, Yulong; Liu, Xiaopei; Xiong, Chi; Xu, Xuemiao; Fu, Chi-Wing
 2014Turbulence Simulation by Adaptive Multi-Relaxation Lattice Boltzmann ModelingLiu, Xiaopei; Pang, Wai-Man; Qin, Jing; Fu, Chi-Wing