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 2021Knowledge extraction and transfer in data-driven fracture mechanicsLiu, Xing; Athanasiou, Christos E.; Padture, Nitin P.; Sheldon, Brian W.; Gao, Huajian
2022Rate-dependent deformation of amorphous sulfide glass electrolytes for solid-state batteriesAthanasiou, Christos E.; Liu, Xing; Jin, Mok Yun; Nimon, Eugene; Visco, Steve; Lee, Cholho; Park, Myounggu; Yun, Junnyeong; Padture, Nitin P.; Gao, Huajian; Sheldon, Brian W.
2015Unsold versus unbought commitment : minimum total commitment contracts with nonzero setup costsYuan, Quan; Chua, Geoffrey A.; Liu, Xing; Chen, Youhua Frank