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2019Atrial fibrillation detection by the combination of recurrence complex network and convolution neural networkWei, Xiaoling; Li, Jimin; Zhang, Chenghao; Liu, Ming; Xiong, Peng; Yuan, Xin; Li, Yifei; Lin, Feng; Liu, Xiuling
2019Automated detection and localization of myocardial infarction with staked sparse autoencoder and TreeBaggerZhang, Jieshuo; Lin, Feng; Xiong, Peng; Du, Haiman; Zhang, Hong; Liu, Ming; Hou, Zengguang; Liu, Xiuling
 2017Vessel intimal extraction of coronary optical coherence tomography imagery based on an improved CV modelYang, Jianli; Shi, Yasong; Lin, Feng; Yuan, Hao; Han, Yechen; Liu, Xiuling