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2017Driving CO2 to a quasi-condensed phase at the interface between a nanoparticle surface and a metal–organic framework at 1 bar and 298 KLee, Hiang Kwee; Lee, Yih Hong; Morabito, Joseph V.; Liu, Yejing; Koh, Charlynn Sher Lin; Phang, In Yee; Pedireddy, Srikanth; Han, Xuemei; Chou, Lien-Yang; Tsung, Chia-Kuang; Ling, Xing Yi
2017Flexible three-dimensional anticounterfeiting plasmonic security labels : utilizing z-axis-dependent SERS readouts to encode multilayered molecular informationLiu, Yejing; Lee, Yih Hong; Lee, Mian Rong; Yang, Yijie; Ling, Xing Yi
2016Plasmonic nanopillar arrays encoded with multiplex molecular information for anti-counterfeiting applicationsLiu, Yejing; Lee, Yih Hong; Zhang, Qi; Cui, Yan; Ling, Xing Yi
2017Plasmonic nanostructures : fabrication, optical properties and anti-counterfeiting applicationLiu, Yejing
 2014Precision synthesis : designing hot spots over hot spots via selective gold deposition on silver octahedra edgesHegde, Ravi S.; Tjiu, Weng Weei; Cui, Yan; Ling, Xing Yi; Liu, Yejing; Pedireddy, Srikanth; Lee, Yih Hong