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 2021A 0.061-mm² 1–11-GHz noise-canceling low-noise amplifier employing active feedforward with simultaneous current and noise reductionLiu, Zhe; Boon, Chirn Chye; Yu, Xiaopeng; Li, Chenyang; Yang, Kaituo; Liang, Yuan
2018A 253mW/channel 4TX/4RX pulsed chirping phased-array radar TRX in 65nm CMOS for X-band synthetic-aperture radar imagingLou, Liheng; Tang, Kai; Chen, Bo; Guo, Ting; Wang, Yisheng; Wang, Wensong; Fang, Zhongyuan; Liu, Zhe; Zheng, Yuanjin
2020A 311.6 GHz phase-locked loop in 0.13 μm SiGe BiCMOS process with –90 dBc/Hz in-band phase noiseLiang, Yuan; Boon, Chirn Chye; Chen, Qian; Liu, Zhe; Li, Chenyang; Mausolf, Thomas; Kissinger, Dietmar; Wang, Yong; Ng, Herman Jalli
2020Design of a wideband variable-gain amplifier with self-compensated transistor for accurate dB-linear characteristic in 65 nm CMOS technologyKong, Lingshan; Liu, Hang; Zhu, Xi; Boon, Chirn Chye; Li, Chenyang; Liu, Zhe; Yeo, Kiat Seng
 2019Effect of delamination on the flexural response of [+45/−45/0]2s carbon fibre reinforced polymer laminatesLiu, Zhe; Li, Peifeng; Srikanth, Narasimalu
2016Evaluation of 3D failure modes in CFRP composite laminatesLiu, Zhe
2020Multi-channel FSK inter/intra-chip communication by exploiting field-confined slow-wave transmission lineChen, Qian; Boon, Chirn Chye; Zhang, Xueyong; Li, Chenyang; Liang, Yuan; Liu, Zhe; Guo, Ting
 2013Thermal analysis of solidification process and mechanical properties in heavy section ductile iron castingChen, Wei Ping; Zhou, Li Wei; Li, Wen Hui; Liu, Zhe
 2018Ultra-thin GaAs double-junction solar cell with carbon-doped emitterRen, Zekun; Thway, Maung; Liu, Zhe; Wang, Yue; Ke, Cangming; Yaung, Kevin Nay; Wang, Bing; Tan, Chuan Seng; Lin, Fen; Aberle, Armin Gerhad; Buonassisi, Tonio; Peters, Ian Marius
2020A wideband variable-gain amplifier with a negative exponential generation in 40-nm CMOS technologyDong, Yangtao; Kong, Lingshan; Boon, Chirn Chye; Liu, Zhe; Li, Chenyang; Yang, Kaituo; Zhou, Ao