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2022A comprehensive review of electrochemical hybrid power supply systems and intelligent energy managements for unmanned aerial vehicles in public servicesZhang, Caizhi; Qiu, Yuqi; Chen, Jiawei; Li, Yuehua; Liu, Zhitao; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Jiujun; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2019Event-triggered output feedback control for a class of uncertain nonlinear systemsXing, Lantao; Wen, Changyun; Liu, Zhitao; Su, Hongye; Cai, Jianping
 2012Li-ion battery SOC estimation using EKF based on a model proposed by extreme learning machineDu, Jiani; Liu, Zhitao; Chen, Can; Wang, Youyi
2015Output feedback control for uncertain nonlinear systems with input quantizationXing, Lantao; Wen, Changyun; Zhu, Yang; Su, Hongye; Liu, Zhitao
 2012RBF network-aided adaptive unscented kalman filter for lithium-ion battery SOC estimation in electric vehiclesLiu, Zhitao; Wang, Youyi; Du, Jiani; Chen, Can