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2015Analysing Uncertain Rainfall in Flood Mitigation using MCDADaksiya, Velautham; Su, Hsin Ting; Lo, Edmond Yat Man; Cheung, Sai Hung
2017Analysis of spatial patterns of daily precipitation and wet spell extremes in Southeast AsiaMandapaka, Pradeep Venkata; Qin, Xiaosheng; Lo, Edmond Yat Man
2017Assessing urban growth dynamics of major Southeast Asian cities using night-time light dataKamarajugedda, Shankar Acharya; Mandapaka, Pradeep Venkata; Lo, Edmond Yat Man
2018Assessment of future changes in Southeast Asian precipitation using the NASA Earth Exchange Global Daily Downscaled Projections data setMandapaka, Pradeep V.; Lo, Edmond Yat Man
2017Incorporating socio-economic effects and uncertain rainfall in flood mitigation decision using MCDADaksiya, Velautham; Su, Hsin Ting; Chang, Young Ho; Lo, Edmond Yat Man
 2022A novel end-to-end neural network for simultaneous filtering of task-unrelated named entities and fine-grained typing of task-related named entitiesLi, Qi; Mao, Kezhi; Li, Pengfei; Xu, Yuecong; Lo, Edmond Yat Man
2014A preliminary laboratory study of motion of floating debris generated by solitary waves running up a beachShen, Hung-Tao; Huang, Zhenhua; Yao, Yao; Lo, Edmond Yat Man