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2020Chip-based measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution using integrated silicon photonic systemsCao, Lin; Luo, W.; Wang, Yunxiang; Zou, J.; Yan, R. D.; Cai, H.; Zhang, Yichen; Hu, X. L.; Jiang, C.; Fan, W. J.; Zhou, X. Q.; Dong, B.; Luo, X. S.; Lo, G. Q.; Wang, Y. X.; Xu, Z. W.; Sun, S. H.; Wang, X. B.; Hao, Y. L.; Jin, Y. F.; Kwong, D. L.; Kwek, Leongchuan; Liu, Aiqun
2012Effect of nickel silicide induced dopant segregation on vertical silicon nanowire diode performanceTan, Chuan Seng; Lu, W.; Pey, K. L.; Singh, N.; Leong, K. C.; Liu, Q.; Gan, C. L.; Lo, G. Q.; Kwong, D. -L.
2012Experimental demonstration of optical switch using gradient optical forceDing, L.; Song, J. F.; Yu, M. B.; Lo, G. Q.; Kwong, D. L.; Cai, H.; Tao, J. F.
2014Role of interfacial layer on complementary resistive switching in the TiN/HfOx/TiN resistive memory deviceAng, Diing Shenp; Zhang, H. Z.; Gu, C. J.; Yew, K. S.; Wang, X. P.; Lo, G. Q.
2015Study of Multilevel High-Resistance States in HfOx-Based Resistive Switching Random Access Memory by Impedance SpectroscopyLi, H. K.; Chen, T. P.; Hu, S. G.; Liu, P.; Liu, Y.; Lee, P. S.; Wang, X. P.; Li, H. Y.; Lo, G. Q.