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 2012A nano-optical switch driven by optical force using a laterally coupled double-ring resonatorCai, H.; Xu, K. J.; Tao, J. F.; Ding, L.; Tsai, J. M.; Lo, Guo-Qing.; Kwong, Dim Lee.
2012Nano-opto-mechanical actuator driven by gradient optical forceCai, H.; Xu, K. J.; Liu, A. Q.; Fang, Q.; Yu, M. B.; Lo, Guo-Qing.; Kwong, Dim Lee.
 2013Thz polarizer using tunable metamaterialsLo, Guo-Qing.; Kwong, Dim Lee.; Zhang, W.; Zhu, W. M.; Tsai, J. M.; Li, E. P.; Liu, A. Q.