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2021Arrest of 53 activists : Hong Kong's tightening gripLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
 2015ASEAN's norm adherence and its unintended consequences in HADR and SAR operationsLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
2015ASEAN's post-2015 vision : inclusive and non-elitist?Loh, Dylan Ming Hui
2013China’s ADIZ over East China Sea : implications for ASEANLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
2019The ‘Chinese dream’ and the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ : narratives, practices, and sub-state actorsLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
2021Digital yuan : politicisation of China's CBDCLoh, Dylan Ming Hui; Liow, Karyn
2018Diplomatic control, foreign policy, and change under Xi Jinping : a field-theoretic accountLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
2019‘Foreign Interference’ in Hong Kong : China’s Own Historical AntecedentsLoh, Dylan Ming Hui; Chen, Hao
2015Hong Kong election reform : will it happen?Loh, Dylan Ming Hui
2014Hong Kong pro-democracy protests : no end game in sight?Loh, Dylan Ming Hui
2014Hong Kong votes, Beijing fumesLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
2014Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement : growing youth-led civil disobedience?Loh, Dylan Ming Hui
2019Institutional habitus, state identity, and China's Ministry of Foreign AffairsLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
2020Intelligence operations : risks faced by academiaLoh, Dylan Ming Hui; Ho, Benjamin
2014Myanmar's ASEAN chairmanship : challenges and opportunitiesLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
2020Rise of e-RMB : geopolitics of China's digital currencyLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
2014The search for MH370 : time for stronger ASEAN cooperationLoh, Dylan Ming Hui
2020Time for an ASEAN digital currency?Loh, Dylan Ming Hui