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 2014Amide synthesis by nucleophilic attack of vinyl azidesZhang, Feng-Lian; Wang, Yi-Feng; Lonca, Geoffroy Hervé; Zhu, Xu; Chiba, Shunsuke
2017Anti-Markovnikov hydrofunctionalization of alkenes : use of a benzyl group as a traceless redox-active hydrogen donorLonca, Geoffroy Hervé; Ong, Derek Yiren; Tran, Thi Mai Huong; Tejo, Ciputra; Chiba, Shunsuke; Gagosz, Fabien
2017Gold(I)-catalyzed 6-endo-dig azide–yne cyclization : efficient access to 2H-1,3-oxazinesLonca, Geoffroy Hervé; Tejo, Ciputra; Chan, Hui-Ling; Chiba, Shunsuke; Gagosz, Fabien
 2014PhI(OAc)2 mediated radical trifluoromethylation of vinyl azides with Me3SiCF3Wang, Yi-Feng; Lonca, Geoffroy Hervé; Chiba, Shunsuke
2014Synthesis of polyfluoroalkyl aza-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons enabled by addition of perfluoroalkyl radicals onto vinyl azidesWang, Yi-Feng; Lonca, Geoffroy Hervé; Le Runigo, Maïwenn; Chiba, Shunsuke