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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201921st Century Military Modernisation : Its ChallengesLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
200721st CENTURY WARFARE:Computers as the New Centre of GravityLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2009The Armed Forces of Southeast Asia in 2020Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2010Arms races in Asia?Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2008Assessing military powerLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2004Assessing the structure of the new national security strategyLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2005Can the war on Iraq bring democracy to the Middle East?Bouchaib Silm.
2010Chinese military power : much less than meets the eyeLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2004Counterinsurgency campaigning and national security transformation : lessons from the Eelam war.Bhatna Sanjaya Colonne.
2004Daughter, mother, soldier : military culture and the woman warrior.Li, Adrianne Yahui.
2008Defence spending and military modernisation : should it be recession-proof?Bitzinger, Richard A.; Kuah, Adrian W. J; Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2006Defining Singaporeans - the constructions, challenges and way ahead of national identity in the security of Singapore.Lee, Wei Cheng.
2004Examining the defence industrialization - economic growth relationship : the case of SingaporeKuah, Adrian W. J; Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2006Expending NATO : an organisation searching for the wrong missionsLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2009F-15SG: the last manned fighter for the RSAF?Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2005Gestalt of strategy : from linear to dynamic perspectives.Seah, Edwin Poh San.
2003Gulf war II : lessons and implications for SingaporeLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2021IDSS at 25 : pondering the improbableLoo, Bernard Fook Weng
2007The Internet and Do-It-Yourself Jihadism Much Less Than Meets The Eye?Loo, Bernard Fook Weng
2006Living with a nuclear North KoreaLoo, Bernard Fook Weng