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 2011Characterization of layered silicate dispersion in polymer nanocomposites using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopyZhang, Xingui; Bhuvana, Sowrirajalu; Loo, Sun Sun Leslie
2013Development of low-cost biodegradable polymer from Crustacean shellsOoi, Ying Ying
 2012Electrodeposition of mesoporous bilayers of polyaniline supported Cu2O semiconductor films from lyotropic liquid crystalline phaseXue, Tong; Loo, Sun Sun Leslie; Wang, Xin; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Jong-Min, Lee
 2012High selectivity cum yield gel electrophoresis separation of single-walled carbon nanotubes using a chemically selective polymer dispersantChan-Park, Mary B.; Mesgari, Sara; Poon, Yin Fun; Yan, Liang Yu; Chen, Yuan; Loo, Sun Sun Leslie; Thong, Ya Xuan
 2013The migration of POSS molecules in PA6 matrix during phase inversion processShi, Yuli; Zhou, Qi; Wang, Zhiqiang; Fang, Jianghua; Gao, Haoqi; Loo, Sun Sun Leslie
 2012Variable-temperature fourier transform infrared studies of matrix-nanofiller interactions in amorphous polyamide/layered silicate nanocompositesZhang, Xingui; Loo, Sun Sun Leslie