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 2020Alcohol brands being socially responsible on social media? When and how warning conspicuity and warning integration decrease the efficacy of alcohol brand posts among under-drinking-age youthLou, Chen; Alhabash, Saleem
 2019“Average-sized” models do sell, but what about in East Asia? A cross-cultural investigation of U.S. and Singaporean womenLou, Chen; Tse, Caleb H.; Lwin, May Oo
 2019Does non-hard-sell content really work? Leveraging the value of branded content marketing in brand buildingLou, Chen; Xie, Quan; Feng, Yang; Kim, Wonkyung.
2019Fancying the new rich and famous? explicating the roles of influencer content, credibility, and parental mediation in adolescents' parasocial relationship, materialism, and purchase intentionsLou, Chen; Kim, Hye Kyung
 2019Influencer marketing : how message value and credibility affect consumer trust of branded content on social mediaLou, Chen; Yuan, Shupei
 2019Investigating consumer engagement with influencer- vs. brand-promoted ads : the roles of source and disclosureLou, Chen; Tan, Sang-Sang; Chen, Xiaoyu
 2019The key to 360-degree video advertising : an examination of the degree of narrative structureFeng, Yang; Xie, Quan; Lou, Chen
 2019Pathways to virality : psychophysiological responses preceding likes, shares, comments, and status updates on FacebookAlhabash, Saleem; Almutairi Nasser; Lou, Chen; Kim, Wonkyung
 2021Something social, something entertaining? How digital content marketing augments consumer experience and brand loyaltyLou, Chen; Xie, Quan