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 20123D depth camera based human posture detection and recognition using PCNN circuits and learning-based hierarchical classifierZhuang, Hualiang; Zhao, Bo; Ahmad, Zohair; Chen, Shoushun; Low, Kay-Soon
 2011A 64 x 64 CMOS image sensor with on-chip moving object detection and localizationZhao, Bo; Zhang, Xiangyu; Chen, Shoushun; Low, Kay-Soon; Zhuang, Hualiang
2014Ambulatory measurement of 3-dimensional foot displacement during treadmill walking using wearable wireless ultrasonic sensor networkQi, Yongbin; Soh, Cheong Boon; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay-Soon
2013An autonomous star recognition algorithm with optimized databaseChen, Shoushun; Pham, Minh Duc; Low, Kay-Soon
2014Estimation of Spatial-Temporal Gait Parameters Using a Low-Cost Ultrasonic Motion Analysis SystemQi, Yongbin; Soh, Cheong Boon; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay-Soon; Thomas, Rijil
 2012A factorized quaternion approach to determine the arm motions using triaxial accelerometers with anatomical and sensor constraintsLee, Guo Xiong; Low, Kay-Soon
2015Lower extremity joint angle tracking with wireless ultrasonic sensors during a squat exerciseSoh, Cheong Boon; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay-Soon; Thomas, Rijil; Qi, Yongbin
2017Performance Assessment of the Radio Occultation Experiment for Commercial off-the-shelf Receivers on VELOX-CI MicrosatelliteLi, Bing-Xuan; Han, Bo; Lim, Wee Seng; Tsai, Yung-Fu; Low, Kay-Soon
 2018A photovoltaic model based method to monitor solar array degradation on-board a microsatelliteSoon, Jing Jun; Chia, Jiun Wei; Aung, Htet; Lew, Jia Min; Goh, Shu Ting; Low, Kay-Soon
 2019A rotation-invariant additive vector sequence based star pattern recognitionMehta, Deval Samirbhai; Chen, Shoushun; Low, Kay-Soon
2015Sigma-Z-source invertersSoon, Jing Jun; Low, Kay-Soon
 2012A time-delay-integration CMOS image sensor with pipelined charge transfer architectureYu, Hang; Qian, Xinyuan; Chen, Shoushun; Low, Kay-Soon
 2013Ultra-wideband real-time dynamic channel characterization and system-level modeling for radio links in body area networksMaskooki, Arash; Soh, Cheong Boon; Gunawan, Erry; Low, Kay-Soon
2010Unrestrained measurement of arm motion based on wearable wireless sensor networkLee, Guo Xiong; Low, Kay-Soon; Taher, Tawfiq
2009A wearable wireless sensor network for human limbs monitoringLow, Kay-Soon; Lee, Guo Xiong; Taher, Tawfiq