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2017Assessing How Students Learn in Team-Based Learning: Validation of the Knowledge Re-Consolidation InventoryAhn, Hyun Seon; Rotgans, Jerome Ingmar; Rajalingam, Preman; Lee, Rebekah Jian Jia; Koh, Juliana Ying Yun; Low-Beer, Naomi
2019Digital problem-based learning in health professions : systematic review and meta-analysis by the digital health education collaborationTudor Car, Lorainne; Kyaw, Bhone Myint; Dunleavy, Gerard; Smart, Neil A.; Semwal, Monika; Rotgans, Jerome Ingmar; Low-Beer, Naomi; Campbell, James
2019Health professions digital education on clinical practice guidelines: a systematic review by Digital Health Education collaborationTudor Car, Lorainne; Soong, Aijia; Kyaw, Bhone Myint; Chua, Kee Leng; Low-Beer, Naomi; Majeed, Azeem
2017How cognitive engagement fluctuates during a team-based learning session and how it predicts academic achievementRotgans, Jerome Ingmar; Schmidt, Hendricus Gerard; Rajalingam, Preman; Wong, Joey Ying Hao; Canning, Claire Ann; Ferenczi, Michael Alan; Low-Beer, Naomi
2018Implementation of team-based learning on a large scale : three factors to keep in mind*Rajalingam, Preman; Zary, Nabil; Ferenczi, Michael Alan; Gagnon, Paul; Low-Beer, Naomi; Rotgans, Jerome Ingmar