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2018Conduction mechanisms on high retention annealed mgo-based resistive switching memory devicesLoy, Desmond Jia Jun; Dananjaya, Putu Andhita; Hong, Xiao Liang; Shum, D. P.; Lew, Wensiang
2020Exploring the impact of variability in resistance distributions of RRAM on the prediction accuracy of deep learning neural networksPrabhu, Nagaraj Lakshmana; Loy, Desmond Jia Jun; Dananjaya, Putu Andhita; Lew, Wen Siang; Toh, Eng Huat; Raghavan, Nagarajan
2020Filamentary physics and modelling in redox-based resistive devicesLoy, Desmond Jia Jun
2016Flip-Flop SR Latch Logic Operation for Spin Orbit Torque-Magnetic Tunnel Junction CircuitryLoy, Desmond Jia Jun
2016Non-volatile logic & memory based on STT-MTJ and SOT-MTJ devicesLoy, Desmond Jia Jun
2019Unidirectional threshold switching induced by Cu migration with high selectivity and ultralow OFF current under gradual electroforming treatmentDananjaya, Putu Andhita; Loy, Desmond Jia Jun; Chow, Samuel Chen Wai; Lew, Wen Siang