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2020A human antibody neutralizes different flaviviruses by using different mechanismsZhang, Shuijun; Loy, Thomas; Ng, Thiam-Seng; Lim, Xin-Ni; Chew, Valerie Shyn-Yun; Tan, Ter Yong; Xu, Meihui; Kostyuchenko, Victor A.; Tukijan, Farhana; Shi, Jian; Fink, Katja; Lok, Shee-Mei
2019A novel, five-marker alternative to CD16-CD14 gating to identify the three human monocyte subsetsOng, Siew-Min; Teng, Karen; Newell, Evan; Chen, Hao; Chen, Jinmiao; Loy, Thomas; Yeo, Tsin-Wen; Fink, Katja; Wong, Siew Cheng
2021Role of glycolysis in myeloid cells during dengue infectionLoy, Thomas