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2018Adjusting bilingual ratings by retest reliability improves estimation of translation qualityWood, Dustin; Qiu, Lin; Lu, Jiahui; Lin, Han; Tov, William
2021Communication of uncertainty about preliminary evidence and the spread of its inferred misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic—a Weibo case studyLu, Jiahui; Zhang, Meishan; Zheng, Yan; Li, Qiyu
2020A decade of antimicrobial resistance research in social science fields : a scientometric reviewLu, Jiahui; Sheldenkar, Anita; Lwin, May Oo
2019Do superstitious beliefs affect influenza vaccine uptake through shaping health beliefs?Lu, Jiahui; Luo, Meiyin; Yee, Andrew Zi Han; Sheldenkar, Anita; Lau, Jerrald; Lwin, May Oo
2020Effectiveness of a mobile-based influenza-like illness surveillance system (FluMob) among health care workers : longitudinal studyLwin, May Oo; Lu, Jiahui; Sheldenkar, Anita; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Tan, Yi-Roe; Yap, Peiling; Chen, Mark I.; Chow, Vincent T. K.; Thoon, Koh Cheng; Yung, Chee Fu; Ang, Li Wei; Ang, Brenda S. P.
2018Exposure to out-group cultural holidays increases intergroup social distanceLu, Jiahui
2020Global sentiments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic on Twitter : analysis of Twitter trendsLwin, May Oo; Lu, Jiahui; Sheldenkar, Anita; Schulz, Peter Johannes; Shin, Wonsun; Gupta, Raj; Yang, Yinping
2018Personality predicts words in favorite songsQiu, Lin; Chen, Jiayu; Ramsay, Jonathan; Lu, Jiahui
2018Strategic uses of Facebook in Zika outbreak communication : implications for the crisis and emergency risk communication modelLu, Jiahui; Sheldenkar, Anita; Lwin, May Oo; Schulz, Peter J.
2020Temporal and textual analysis of social media on collective discourses during the Zika virus pandemicLwin, May Oo; Lu, Jiahui; Sheldenkar, Anita; Cayabyab, Ysa Marie; Yee, Andrew Zi Han; Smith, Helen Elizabeth