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20132D single- or double-layered vanadium oxide nanosheet assembled 3D microflowers: controlled synthesis, growth mechanism, and applicationsPang, Hongchang; Dong, Yongqiang; Ting, Siong Luong; Lu, Jinlin; Li, Chang Ming; Kim, Dong-Hwan; Chen, Peng
 2012Layer-by-layer assembled sulfonated-graphene/polyaniline nanocomposite films : enhanced electrical and ionic conductivities, and electrochromic propertiesLiu, Wanshuang; Ling, Han; Kong, Junhua; Ding, Guoqiang; Zhou, Dan; Lu, Xuehong; Lu, Jinlin
 2012Nanoparticle self-assembled hollow TiO2 spheres with well matching visible light scattering for high performance dye-sensitized solar cellsLu, Jinlin; Guo, Chun Xian; Pang, Hongchang; Yang, Hongbin; Li, Chang Ming
2014One-pot sequential electrochemical deposition of multilayer poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(4-styrenesulfonic acid)/tungsten trioxide hybrid films and their enhanced electrochromic propertiesLing, Han; Lu, Jinlin; Phua, Silei; Liu, Hai; Liu, Liang; Huang, Yizhong; Mandler, Daniel; Lee, Pooi See; Lu, Xuehong
 2015A poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrene sulfonic acid)/titanium oxide nanocomposite film synthesized by sol–gel assisted electropolymerization for electrochromic applicationLu, Jinlin; Song, Hua; Li, Suning; Wang, Lin; Han, Lu; Ling, Han; Lu, Xuehong
2012Simultaneous catalyzing and reinforcing effects of imidazole-functionalized graphene in anhydride-cured epoxiesLiu, Wanshuang; Koh, Kwang Liang; Lu, Jinlin; Yang, Liping; Phua, Si Lei; Kong, Junhua; Chen, Zhong; Lu, Xuehong
 2013Template-free bottom-up synthesis of yolk–shell vanadium oxide as high performance cathode for lithium ion batteriesPang, Hongchang; Cheng, Peng; Yang, Hongbin; Lu, Jinlin; Guo, Chun Xian; Ning, Guiling; Li, Chang Ming