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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Co-Learned Multi-View Spectral Clustering for Face Recognition Based on Image SetsHuang, Likun; Lu, Jiwen; Tan, Yap Peng
 2012Cost-sensitive semi-supervised discriminant analysis for face recognitionZhou, J.; Lu, Jiwen; Zhou, Xiuzhuang; Tan, Yap Peng; Shang, Yuanyuan
2017Cross-Modal Deep Variational HashingLiong, Venice Erin; Lu, Jiwen; Zhou, Jie; Tan, Yap Peng
 2017Deep metric learning for visual understanding : an overview of recent advancesLu, Jiwen; Hu, Junlin; Zhou, Jie
2015Deep transfer metric learningHu, Junlin; Lu, Jiwen; Tan, Yap Peng
 2020Deep variational and structural hashingLiong, Venice Erin; Lu, Jiwen; Duan, Ling-Yu; Tan, Yap-Peng
2014Discriminative deep metric learning for face verification in the wildHu, Junlin; Lu, Jiwen; Tan, Yap Peng
2011Enhanced linear subspace methods for face and gait analysisLu, Jiwen
 2012Gait-based gender classification in unconstrained environmentsHuang, T. S.; Lu, Jiwen; Wang, Gang
 2012Generalized subspace disance for set-to-set image classificationHuang, Likun; Lu, Jiwen; Yang, Gao; Tan, Yap Peng
 2013Human Identity and Gender Recognition From Gait Sequences With Arbitrary Walking DirectionsLu, Jiwen; Wang, Gang; Moulin, Pierre
 2015Joint Feature Learning for Face RecognitionLu, Jiwen; Liong, Venice Erin; Wang, Gang; Moulin, Pierre
2017Learning a cross-modal hashing network for multimedia searchTan, Yap Peng; Liong, Venice Erin; Lu, Jiwen
 2012Learning modality-invariant features for heterogeneous face recognitionHuang, Likun; Lu, Jiwen; Tan, Yap Peng
 2017Local large-margin multi-metric learning for face and kinship verificationHu, Junlin; Lu, Jiwen; Tan, Yap-Peng; Yuan, Junsong; Zhou, Jie
 2015Localized multifeature metric learning for image-set-based face recognitionLu, Jiwen; Wang, Gang; Moulin, Pierre
2014Multi-manifold metric learning for face recognition based on image setsHuang, Likun; Lu, Jiwen; Tan, Yap Peng
2015Multi-Task CNN Model for Attribute PredictionAbdulnabi, Abrar H.; Wang, Gang; Lu, Jiwen; Jia, Kui
 2012Neighborhood repulsed metric learning for kinship verificationLu, Jiwen; Hu, Junlin; Zhou, Xiuzhuang; Shang, Yuanyuan; Tan, Yap Peng; Wang, Gang
 2017Sharable and individual multi-view metric learningHu, Junlin; Lu, Jiwen; Tan, Yap-Peng