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 2014Highly efficient chemical process to convert mucic acid into adipic acid and DFT studies of the mechanism of the rhenium-catalyzed deoxydehydrationLi, Xiukai; Wu, Di; Lu, Ting; Yi, Guangshun; Su, Haibin; Zhang, Yugen
 2012One-step synthesis of CdS–TiO2–chemically reduced graphene oxide composites via microwave-assisted reaction for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of methyl orangeLv, Tian; Pan, Likun; Liu, Xinjuan; Lu, Ting; Zhu, Guang; Sun, Zhuo; Sun, Changqing
 2011UV-assisted photocatalytic synthesis of ZnO–reduced graphene oxide composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity in reduction of Cr(VI)Pan, Likun; Zhao, Qingfei; Lv, Tian; Zhu, Guang; Chen, Taiqiang; Lu, Ting; Liu, Xinjuan; Sun, Zhuo; Sun, Changqing