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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Applications of digital beamforming in SMART array antennasYeo, Beng Kiong.
2002Constant false alarm rate data fusion for distributed radar systemsLiu, Weixian.
2009Development of a GSM receiver array part 2 : IF receiver design and integrationLiu, Wen Yu.
2000Effects of system imperfection on direction of arrival estimationYin, Juan
2004Efficient solutions for high-resolution direction-of-arrival estimation of multiple emittersLi, Minghui
2009Electromagnetic vector sensorsAn, Delie
2003Fast neural networks digital beamformer based on slow genetic algorithm solutionsWang, Yan.
2005Finite-difference time-domain simulation on photonic crystal waveguideLai, Chieh Cheng
2000Hybrid FEM-PML and FEM-MoL solutions of electromagnetic scattering problemsXiao, Ying
2018Low-profile patch antennas with enhanced horizontal omnidirectional gain for DSRC applicationsLiu, Ankang; Lu, Yilong; Huang, Ling
2002Multistatic radar system design and simulationU Tint Wan
1995The numerical modelling of electromagnetic fields in biological structures under RF radiationYing, Jian Ling.
1998On efficient solution of large-size wire-grid structures in a complex environmentLee, Yee Hui.
1997On wavelet transforms for the effective solution of electromagnetic integral equationsXiang, Zhong Gui
2002Portable ground terminal for LEO satellite communicationLaw, Choi Look; Arichandra, K.; Seumahu, S.; Dubey, Vimal Kishore; Gosling, Ian Gilbert; Lu, Yilong; Lee, Ching Kwang
1997Prediction of patch antenna element interaction using the transmission line matrix methodYong, Christopher Soon Fatt.
2006Remote receiving systems for floating radar antennasLiew, Yew Pheng.
1996Study and design of circular phased array antenna for surveillance radarYan, Keen Keong
2004Study and simulation of RF wireless receiverYao, Ke.
2004Study of GSM based passive radar systemTan, Danny Kai Pin.