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1996Development of a rotameter with electrical outputLiu, Chang Yu; Lua, Aik Chong
1999Development of effective adsorbents from agricultural wastes for air pollution controlGuo, Jia.
1994Development of new sorbents/catalysts for air pollution control using urban refuseLu, Max Gao Qing; Liu, Chang Yu; Lua, Aik Chong
1996Development of novel fluidic flowmeters based on fluid oscillations phenomenonLua, Aik Chong; Liu, Chang Yu; Chan, Weng Kong
2002Development, characterisation and adsorption investigations of activated carbon from agricultural wastesLau, Fong Yow.
2001Experimental and theoretical analyses of the flow phenomena in a fluidic flowmeterZheng, Zhensheng.
1995Flowmetering based on fluid oscillations phenomenonWee, Kok Seng.
 2020Kinetic reaction and deactivation studies on thermocatalytic decomposition of methane by electroless nickel plating catalystChen, Qianqian; Lua, Aik Chong
2002Mechanics of a proportional assist ventilation system for patientsShi, Kechuang.
1997A novel fluidic flowmeter based on fluid oscillation phenomenonGan, Hui
 2021Synthesis of electroless Ni catalyst supported on SBA-15 for hydrogen and carbon production by catalytic decomposition of methaneChen, Qianqian; Lua, Aik Chong
2016Ternary Platinum–Copper–Nickel Nanoparticles Anchored to Hierarchical Carbon Supports as Free-Standing Hydrogen Evolution ElectrodesShen, Yi; Lua, Aik Chong; Xi, Jingyu; Qiu, Xinping