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 2012Design and fabrication of side-channel photonic crystal fiberCui, Y.; Humbert, G.; Luan, F.; Vu, N. H.; Tien, T. Q.; Blondy, J.-M.; Dinh, Xuan Quyen; Shum, Perry Ping; Auguste, Jean-Louis
2011Highly Nonlinear Chalcogenide Glass Waveguides for All-optical Signal ProcessingLuther-Davies, Barry; Madden, S.; Choi, D.-Y.; Wang, R.; Bulla, D.; Gai, X.; Han, T.; White, Timothy John; Vo, T.; Luan, F.; Pelusi, M.; Schroeder, J.; Pant, R.; Van Erps, J.; Eggleton, B.
2015Optimal coupling to high-Q whispering gallery modes with a sub-wavelength metallic grating couplerZhou, Y.; Gu, B.; Yu, X.; Luan, F.