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2019Access to cyclic β-amino acids by amine-catalyzed enantioselective addition of the γ-carbon atoms of α,β-unsaturated imines to enalsLuo, Guoyong; Huang, Zhijian; Zhuo, Shitian; Mou, Chengli; Wu, Jian; Jin, Zhichao; Chi, Robin Yonggui
 2022Carbene-catalyzed activation of C-Si bonds for chemo- and enantioselective cross Brook–Benzoin reactionTang, Chenghao; Wang, Wei; Luo, Guoyong; Song, Chaoyang; Bao, Zhaowei; Li, Pei; Hao, Gefei; Chi, Robin Yonggui; Jin, Zhichao
2019Carbene-catalyzed direct functionalization of the β-sp3 -carbon atoms of α-chloroaldehydesLiu, Bin; Luo, Guoyong; Wang, Hongling; Hao, Lin; Yang, Song; Jin, Zhichao; Chi, Robin Yonggui
2020Carbene-catalyzed enantioselective aromatic N-nucleophilic addition of heteroarenes to ketonesLiu, Yonggui; Luo, Guoyong; Yang, Xing; Jiang, Shichun; Xue, Wei; Chi, Robin Yonggui; Jin, Zhichao
2019Carbene-catalyzed α-carbon amination of chloroaldehydes for enantioselective access to dihydroquinoxaline derivativesHuang, Ruoyan; Chen, Xingkuan; Mou, Chengli; Luo, Guoyong; Li, Yongjia; Li, Xiangyang; Xue, Wei; Jin, Zhichao; Chi, Robin Yonggui
2022Catalytic atroposelective synthesis of axially chiral benzonitriles via chirality control during bond dissociation and CN group formationLv, Ya; Luo, Guoyong; Liu, Qian; Jin, Zhichao; Zhang, Xinglong; Chi, Robin Yonggui
2019Enantioselective indole N-H functionalization enabled by addition of carbene catalyst to indole aldehyde at remote siteYang, Xing; Luo, Guoyong; Zhou, Liejin; Liu, Bin; Zhang, Xiaolei; Gao, Hui; Jin, Zhichao; Chi, Robin Yonggui
2019NHC-catalyzed chemoselective reactions of enals and aminobenzaldehydes for access to chiral dihydroquinolinesWu, Shuquan; Liu, Changyi; Luo, Guoyong; Jin, Zhichao; Zheng, Pengcheng; Chi, Robin Yonggui