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 2012A multimedia retrieval framework based on semi-supervised ranking and relevance feedbackYang, Yi; Nie, Feiping; Xu, Dong; Luo, Jiebo; Zhuang, Yueting; Pan, Yunhe
2013Self-supervised online metric learning with low rank constraint for scene categorizationCong, Yang; Liu, Ji; Yuan, Junsong; Luo, Jiebo
 2012Tag-based image retrieval improved by augmented features and group-based refinementChen, Lin; Xu, Dong; Tsang, Ivor Wai-Hung; Luo, Jiebo
 2011Towards scalable summarization of consumer videos via sparse dictionary selectionCong, Yang; Yuan, Junsong; Luo, Jiebo
 2012Visual event recognition in videos by learning from web dataDuan, Lixin; Xu, Dong; Tsang, Ivor Wai-Hung; Luo, Jiebo