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2016Adaptive Scheduling of Task Graphs with Dynamic ResilienceHu, Menglan; Luo, Jun; Wang, Yang; Veeravalli, Bharadwaj
2016ART: Adaptive fRequency-Temporal Co-Existing of ZigBee and WiFiLi, Feng; Luo, Jun; Shi, Gaotao; He, Ying
2015ATME : accurate traffic matrix estimation in both public and private datacenter networksHu, Zhiming; Qiao, Yan; Luo, Jun
2018Boosting the throughput of LED-camera VLC via composite light emissionYang, Yanbing; Luo, Jun
 2018Counting via LED sensing : inferring occupancy using lighting infrastructureYang, Yanbing; Luo, Jun; Hao, Jie; Pan, Sinno Jialin
 2012DECA : recovering fields of physical quantities from incomplete sensory dataVasilakos, Athanasios V.; Xiang, Liu; Luo, Jun; Deng, Chenwei; Lin, Weisi
2018Differentially private mechanisms for budget limited mobile crowdsourcingHan, Kai; Liu, Huan; Tang, Shaojie; Xiao, Mingjun; Luo, Jun
 2010Engineering wireless mesh networks : joint scheduling, routing, power control, and rate adaptationLuo, Jun; Rosenberg, Catherine; Girard, André
2017Fatigue crack growth investigation on offshore pipelines with three-dimensional interacting cracksZhang, Yanmei; Xiao, Zhongmin; Luo, Jun
 2012Harmonic quorum systems : data management in 2D/3D wireless sensor networks with holesZhang, Chi; Luo, Jun; Xiang, Liu; Li, Feng; Lin, Juncong; He, Ying
 2012LAACAD : load balancing k-area coverage through autonomous deployment in wireless sensor networksLi, Feng; Luo, Jun; Xin, Shi-Qing; Wang, Wen-Ping; He, Ying
2016Managing data traffic in both intra- and inter- datacenter networksHu, Zhiming
2019A socially-aware incentive mechanism for mobile crowdsensing service marketNie, Jiangtian; Xiong, Zehui; Niyato, Dusit; Wang, Ping; Luo, Jun
2014Socio-feedback via nao robot : design of feedback messagesLuo, Jun
2013Supporting data collection in wireless sensor networks : from energy conserving to perpetual livingXiang, Liu
2010Throughput-lifetime tradeoffs in multihop wireless networks under an SINR-based interference modelLuo, Jun; Aravind Iyer; Rosenberg, Catherine
2017Time- and cost- efficient task scheduling across geo-distributed data centersHu, Zhiming; Li, Baochun; Luo, Jun
 2012Unsupervised co-segmentation for 3D shapes using iterative multi-label optimizationMeng, Min; Xia, Jiazhi; Luo, Jun; He, Ying
2018Visible light based occupancy inference using ensemble learningHao, Jie; Yuan, Xiaoming; Yang, Yanbing; Wang, Ran; Zhuang, Yi; Luo, Jun