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2016Cellular-level structure imaging in rat colon ex vivo and in vivo using micro-optical coherence tomography (μOCT)Yu, Xiaojun; Luo, Yuemei; Liu, Xinyu; Chen, Si; Wang, Xianghong; Chen, Shi; Liu, Linbo
2018Cellular-resolution endoscopic optical coherence tomography and image analyticsLuo, Yuemei
2016Contrast Enhanced Subsurface Fingerprint Detection Using High-Speed Optical Coherence TomographyYu, Xiaojun; Xiong, Qiaozhou; Luo, Yuemei; Wang, Nanshuo; Wang, Lulu; Tey, Hong Liang; Liu, Linbo
2017Depth-of-focus extension in optical coherence tomography via multiple aperture synthesisGe, Xin; Wang, Xianghong; Bo, En; Luo, Yuemei; Chen, Si; Liu, Xinyu; Wang, Nanshuo; Chen, Shufen; Chen, Shi; Li, Jinhan; Liu, Linbo
2014Dual spectrometer system with spectral compounding for 1-μm optical coherence tomography in vivoCui, Dongyao; Liu, Xinyu; Zhang, Jing; Yu, Xiaojun; Ding, Sun; Luo, Yuemei; Gu, Jun; Shum, Ping; Liu, Linbo
2017Endomicroscopic optical coherence tomography for cellular resolution imaging of gastrointestinal tractsLuo, Yuemei; Cui, Dongyao; Yu, Xiaojun; Bo, En; Wang, Xianghong; Wang, Nanshuo; Braganza, Cilwyn S.; Chen, Shufen; Liu, Xinyu; Xiong, Qiaozhou; Chen, Si; Chen, Shi; Liu, Linbo
2016Enhancement and bias removal of optical coherence tomography images: An iterative approach with adaptive bilateral filteringPalanisamy, P.; Rajan, Jeny; Xiaojun, Yu; Sudeep, P. V.; Issac Niwas, Swamidoss; Wang, Xianghong; Luo, Yuemei; Liu, Linbo
2015High-resolution extended source optical coherence tomographyYu, Xiaojun; Liu, Xinyu; Chen, Si; Luo, Yuemei; Wang, Xianghong; Liu, Linbo
2018Imaging cellular structures of atherosclerotic coronary arteries using circumferentially scanning micro-optical coherence tomography fiber probe ex vivoLuo, Yuemei; Bo, En; Liang, Haitao; Wang, Xianghong; Yu, Xiaojun; Cui, Dongyao; Ge, Xin; Mo, Jianhua; Liu, Linbo
2016Modeling of Mechanical Stress Exerted by Cholesterol Crystallization on Atherosclerotic PlaquesLuo, Yuemei; Cui, Dongyao; Yu, Xiaojun; Chen, Si; Liu, Xinyu; Tang, Hongying; Wang, Xianghong; Liu, Linbo
 2017Multifiber angular compounding optical coherence tomography for speckle reductionCui, Dongyao; Bo, En; Luo, Yuemei; Liu, Xinyu; Wang, Xianghong; Chen, Si; Yu, Xiaojun; Chen, Shi; Shum, Ping; Liu, Linbo
2018Multiple aperture synthetic optical coherence tomography for biological tissue imagingBo, En; Ge, Xin; Wang, Lulu; Wu, Xuan; Luo, Yuemei; Chen, Shufen; Chen, Si; Liang, Haitao; Ni, Guangming; Yu, Xiaojun; Liu, Linbo
2015One-micron resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT) in vivo for cellular level imagingGu, Jun; Shum, Ping; Liu, Linbo; Cui, Dongyao; Liu, Xinyu; Zhang, Jing; Yu, Xiaojun; Sun, Ding; Luo, Yuemei
 2017Single-camera full-range high-resolution spectral domain optical coherence tomographyBo, En; Chen, Si; Cui, Dongyao; Chen, Shi; Yu, Xiaojun; Luo, Yuemei; Liu, Linbo
2016Toward High-Speed Imaging of Cellular Structures in Rat Colon Using Micro-optical Coherence TomographyYu, Xiaojun; Luo, Yuemei; Liu, Xinyu; Chen, Si; Wang, Xianghong; Chen, Shi; Liu, Linbo