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2015Draft genome sequence of Shewanella sp. strain CP20Lutz, Carla; Sun, Shuyang; McDougald, Diane; Tay, Martin Qi Xiang
 2016Effect of interspecific competition on trait variation in Phaeobacter inhibens biofilmsLutz, Carla; Thomas, Torsten; Steinberg, Peter; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Egan, Suhelen
2013Environmental reservoirs and mechanisms of persistence of Vibrio choleraeNoorian, Parisa; Erken, Martina; Lutz, Carla; Sun, Shuyang; McDougald, Diane
2015Interactions of vibrio spp. with zooplanktonErken, Martina; Lutz, Carla; McDougald, Diane
 2013The rise of pathogens : predation as a factor D driving the evolution of human pathogens in the environmentErken, Martina; Lutz, Carla; McDougald, Diane