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2021Breathable nanogenerators for an on-plant self-powered sustainable agriculture systemLan, Lingyi; Xiong, Jiaqing; Gao, Dace; Li, Yi; Chen, Jian; Lv, Jian; Ping, Jianfeng; Ying, Yibin; Lee, Pooi See
2022Ionic covalent organic framework based electrolyte for fast-response ultra-low voltage electrochemical actuatorsYu, Fei; Ciou, Jing-Hao; Chen, Shaohua; Poh, Wei Church; Chen, Jian; Chen, Juntong; Haruethai, Kongcharoen; Lv, Jian; Gao, Dace; Lee, Pooi See
2020Mechanically interlocked stretchable nanofibers for multifunctional wearable triboelectric nanogeneratorLi, Yi; Xiong, Jiaqing; Lv, Jian; Chen, Jian; Gao, Dace; Zhang, Xiaoxing; Lee, Pooi See
 2022Molecular-level methylcellulose/mxene hybrids with greatly enhanced electrochemical actuationChen, Shaohua; Ciou, Jing-Hao; Yu, Fei; Chen, Jian; Lv, Jian; Lee, Pooi See
2021Natural polymer in soft electronics : opportunities, challenges, and future prospectsGao, Dace; Lv, Jian; Lee, Pooi See
2021Printable elastomeric electrodes with sweat-enhanced conductivity for wearablesLv, Jian; Thangavel, Gurunathan; Li, Yi; Xiong, Jiaqing; Gao, Dace; Ciou, Jing-Hao; Tan, Matthew Wei Ming; Izzat Aziz; Chen, Shaohua; Chen, Juntong; Zhou, Xinran; Poh, Wei Church; Lee, Pooi See
 2022Stretchable, breathable, and stable lead-free perovskite/polymer nanofiber composite for hybrid triboelectric and piezoelectric energy harvestingJiang, Feng; Zhou, Xinran; Lv, Jian; Chen, Jian; Chen, Juntong; Kongcharoen, Haruethai; Zhang, Yihui; Lee, Pooi See