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2017Comparison of diabetic and non-diabetic human leukocytic responses to different capsule types of klebsiella pneumoniae responsible for causing pyogenic liver abscessLee, I. Russel; Sng, Ethel; Lee, Kok-Onn; Molton, James S.; Chan, Monica; Kalimuddin, Shirin; Izharuddin, Ezlyn; Lye, David C.; Archuleta, Sophia; Gan, Yunn-Hwen
2014Diagnosing dengue at the point-of-care : utility of a rapid combined diagnostic kit in SingaporeGan, Victor C.; Tan, Li-Kiang; Lye, David C.; Pok, Kwoon-Yong; Mok, Shi-Qi; Chua, Rachel Choon-Rong; Leo, Yee-Sin; Ng, Lee-Ching
2019The higher prevalence of extended spectrum beta-lactamases among Escherichia coli ST131 in Southeast Asia is driven by expansion of a single, locally prevalent subcloneChen, Swaine Lin; Ding, Ying; Apisarnthanarak, Anucha; Kalimuddin, Shirin; Archuleta, Sophia; Sharifah Faridah Syed Omar; De, Partha Pratim; Koh, Tse Hsien; Chew, Kean Lee; Nadia Atiya; Suwantarat, Nuntra; Velayuthan, Rukumani Devi; Wong, Joshua Guo Xian; Lye, David C.
2016Identifying adult dengue patients at low risk for clinically significant bleedingWong, Joshua G. X.; Thein, Tun Linn; Leo, Yee-Sin; Pang, Junxiong; Lye, David C.
2016Membrane feeding of dengue patient’s blood as a substitute for direct skin feeding in studying Aedes-dengue virus interactionTan, Cheong-Huat; Wong, Pei-Sze Jeslyn; Li, Mei-Zhi Irene; Yang, Hui-Ting; Chong, Chee-Seng; Lee, Linda K.; Yuan, Shi; Leo, Yee-Sin; Ng, Lee-Ching; Lye, David C.
2019Risk factors and treatment outcomes of severe Clostridioides difficile infection in SingaporeTay, Hui Lin; Chow, Angela; Ng, Tat Ming; Lye, David C.
2014Severe Neutropenia in dengue patients : prevalence and significanceThein, Tun-Linn; Lye, David C.; Leo, Yee-Sin; Wong, Joshua G. X.; Hao, Ying; Wilder-Smith, Annelies
2016The significance of prolonged and saddleback fever in hospitalised adult dengueNg, Deborah HL; Wong, Joshua GX; Thein, Tun-Linn; Leo, Yee-Sin; Lye, David C.