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 2010In situ modification of three-dimensional polyphenylene dendrimer-templated CuO rice-shaped architectures with electron beam irradiationQi, Xiaoying; Huang, Yizhong; Klapper, Markus; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Huang, Wei; Feyter, Steven De; Müllen, Klaus; Zhang, Hua
 2010Polyphenylene dendrimer-templated in situ construction of inorganic–organic hybrid rice-shaped architecturesQi, Xiaoying; Xue, Can; Huang, Xiao; Huang, Yizhong; Zhou, Xiaozhu; Li, Hai; Liu, Daojun; Müllen, Klaus; De Feyter, Steven; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang; Yan, Qingyu; Huang, Wei; Zhang, Hua
 2007Pulsed-force-mode AFM studies of polyphenylene dendrimers on self-assembled monolayersZhang, Hua; Müllen, Klaus; De Feyter, Steven
 2014Synthesis and characterization of organic dyes with various electron-accepting substituents for p-type dye-sensitized solar cellsYu, Ze; Weidelener, Martin; Powar, Satvasheel; Kast, Hannelore; Boix, Pablo P.; Li, Chen; Bach, Udo; Müllen, Klaus; Geiger, Thomas; Kuster, Simon; Nüesch, Frank; Mishra, Amaresh; Bäuerle, Peter