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2020Airspace capacity overload identification using collision risk patternsMa, Chunyao; Cai, Qing; Alam, Sameer; Duong, Vu N.
2019Airway network management using Braess’s ParadoxMa, Chunyao; Cai, Qing; Alam, Sameer; Sridhar, Banavar; Duong, Vu N.
2019Breakup of directed multipartite networksCai, Qing; Pratama, Mahardhika; Alam, Sameer; Ma, Chunyao; Liu, Jiming
2022Critical links detection in spatial-temporal airway networks using complex network theoriesMa, Chunyao; Alam, Sameer; Cai, Qing; Delahaye, Daniel
2020Enhancing the robustness of airport networks by removing linksCai, Qing; Ang, Haojie; Alam, Sameer; Ma, Chunyao; Duong, Vu
2018Learning air traffic controller strategies with demonstration-based and physiological feedbackPham, Duc-Thinh; Tran, Ngoc Phu; Goh, Sim Kuan; Ma, Chunyao; Alam, Sameer; Duong, Vu
2021A machine learning approach for the prediction of top of descentTan, Benjamin Zhi Yong; Alam, Sameer; Ma, Chunyao
2020A percolation theory based approach for identification of bottleneck links in an airway networkMa, Chunyao; Cai, Qing; Alam, Sameer; Duong, Vu N.