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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012A 1D equivalent medium method for wave propagation across parallel jointed rock massMa, Guowei; Li, H. B.; Zhao, J.; Li, J. C.
 20133D SPH modeling of heterogeneous materials failure under dynamic loadsMa, Guowei; Yi, Xia Wei; Wang, Xue Jun
2007Analysis of metallic cellular materials for blast mitigationYe, Ziqing
 2012A comparison between the nmm and the xfem in discontinuity modelingAn, Xinmei; Fu, Guoyang; Ma, Guowei
2000Damage assessment of reinforced concrete structures subjected to ground excitationsMa, Guowei
2012Double-layer floor to mitigate in-structure shock of underground structures : a conceptual designZhou, Hongyuan; Ma, Guowei
2004Dynamic instability analysis of elastic-plastic beamsLiu, Yumin.
 2012Effect of micro-defects and macro-joints on stress wave propagation in rock massRen, F.; Fan, Lifeng; Ma, Guowei
 2012Effective viscoelastic behaviour of rock mass with double-scale discontinuitiesFan, Lifeng; Ma, Guowei; Wong, Louis Ngai Yuen
2011Energy absorption analysis of density graded aluminum foamLi, Jingde; Ma, Guowei; Zhou, Hongyuan; Du, Xiuli
 2012An improved finite element method for cracks with multiple branchesZhang, H. H.; Li, L. X.; An, Xinmei; Ma, Guowei
2011In-structure shock assessment of underground structures with consideration of rigid body motionMa, Guowei; Zhou, Hongyuan; Chong, Karen
2013In-structure shock of underground structures : a revisit with experimental investigationZhou, Hongyuan; Beppu, Masuhiro; Ma, Guowei; Zhao, Zhiye
2010In-structure shock of underground structures : a theoretical approachMa, Guowei; Zhou, Hongyuan; Lu, Yong; Chong, Karen
2009The influence of elastic shear deformation on the transverse shear failure of a fully clamped beam subjected to idealized blast loadingLi, Q. M.; Ye, Z. Q.; Jones, N.; Ma, Guowei; Zhou, Hongyuan
 2012Modeling rock failure using the numerical manifold method followed by the discontinuous deformation analysisNing, Youjun; An, Xinmei; Lü, Qing; Ma, Guowei
 2012Modelling earthquake-induced rock failures using NMM and DDANing, Youjun; An, Xinmei; Zhao, Zhiye; Ma, Guowei
 2011Nonlinear viscoelastic medium equivalence for stress wave propagation in a jointed rock massLi, J. C.; Fan, Lifeng; Ma, Guowei
2010An overview of the current research programmes in Protective Technology Research Centre at NTUPan, Tso-Chien; Tan, Kang Hai; Li, Bing; Fan, Sau Cheong; Ma, Guowei
2012Protection against blast load with cellular materials and structuresZhou, Hongyuan; Zhao, Zhiye; Ma, Guowei