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 2013Gender and the motivation to lead : what we know from studies of entrepreneurial, professional and leadership in the 21st centuryLi, Yimeng; Chan, Kim Yin; Chernyshenko, Olexander; Ma, Jian; Low, Kin-Yew; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo
2004Measurements of particles size and velocities in plasma spray using phase doppler anemometryMa, Jian
2022Rescaling egocentric vision: collection, pipeline and challenges for EPIC-KITCHENS-100Damen, Dima; Doughty, Hazel; Farinella, Giovanni Maria; Furnari, Antonino; Kazakos, Evangelos; Ma, Jian; Moltisanti, Davide; Munro, Jonathan; Perrett, Toby; Price, Will; Wray, Michael