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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20193D point cloud attribute compression using geometry-guided sparse representationGu, Shuai; Hou, Junhui; Zeng, Huanqiang; Yuan, Hui; Ma, Kai-Kuang
2004Automatic video object segmentation over optical flows : spatio-temporal gradial-based and multiscale tensor-based approachesWang, Hai Yun
2019Bi-layer texture discriminant fast depth intra coding for 3D-HEVCZuo, Jiabao; Chen, Jing; Zeng, Huanqiang; Cai, Canhui; Ma, Kai-Kuang
2018Blurriness-guided unsharp maskingYe, Wei; Ma, Kai-Kuang
 2020Color image demosaicing using progressive collaborative representationNi, Zhangkai; Ma, Kai-Kuang; Zeng, Huanqiang; Zhong, Baojiang
 2012Content-adaptive temporal consistency enhancement for depth videoMa, Kai-Kuang; Zeng, Huanqiang.
2000Content-based image indexing and retrieval using color and texture featuresHan, Ju.
2003Development and application of a novel color image segmentation techniqueZhang, Weilu
2003Development of MPEG-2 GUI-based fast block-matching motion estimation platformZeng, Zhaozhen
 2022A direction-decoupled non-local attention network for single image super-resolutionSong, Zijiang; Zhong, Baojiang; Ji, Jiahuan; Ma, Kai-Kuang
2001Evolutionary alignment for visual information sequence analysis and classificationZhang, Shaojie
2000Fast motion estimation and scene adaptive coding structure for video codingNie, Yao.
2018A gabor feature-based quality assessment model for the screen content imagesNi, Zhangkai; Zeng, Huanqiang; Ma, Lin; Hou, Junhui; Chen, Jing; Ma, Kai-Kuang
2003Illumination-invariant color object recognition and novel color segmentation techniquesWang, Junxian.
1999Intelligent video segmentation for extracting video objectsMao, Jinghong.
2004Joint noise detection and median filtering for highly corrupted imagesKoh, Jerry Min Yee.
2004Lattice factorizations of filter banks: theory, structure and parameterizationGan, Lu
 2019Multi-label learning with multi-label smoothing regularization for vehicle re-identificationHou, Jinhui; Zeng, Huanqiang; Cai, Lei; Zhu, Jianqing; Chen, Jing; Ma, Kai-Kuang
 2018A multi-order derivative feature-based quality assessment model for light field imageTian, Yu; Zeng, Huanqiang; Xing, Lu; Chen, Jing; Zhu, Jianqing; Ma, Kai-Kuang
2003Multiple description transform-based image coding for noisy channelsLiu, Yong