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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2014Bright quantum-dot-sized single-chain conjugated polyelectrolyte nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and application for specific extracellular labeling and imagingLiu, Jie; Feng, Guangxue; Liu, Rongrong; Tomczak, Nikodem; Ma, Lin; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.; Liu, Bin
 2013Eccentric loading of fluorogen with aggregation-induced emission in PLGA matrix increases nanoparticle fluorescence quantum yield for targeted cellular imagingGeng, Junlong; Li, Kai; Qin, Wei; Ma, Lin; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.; Tang, Ben Zhong; Liu, Bin
 2013Efficient energy transfer under two-photon excitation in a 3D, supramolecular, Zn(II)-coordinated, self-assembled organic networkLim, Zheng Bang; He, Tingchao; Chen, Rui; Rajwar, Deepa; Ma, Lin; Wang, Yue; Gao, Yuan; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Sun, Handong
2013Fluorescence from rubrene single crystals : interplay of singlet fission and energy trappingGurzadyan, Gagik G.; Michel-Beyerle, Maria E.; Ma, Lin; Zhang, Keke; Sun, Handong; Soci, Cesare; Kloc, Christian
2018A gabor feature-based quality assessment model for the screen content imagesNi, Zhangkai; Zeng, Huanqiang; Ma, Lin; Hou, Junhui; Chen, Jing; Ma, Kai-Kuang
 2020Geography, trade, and internal migration in ChinaMa, Lin; Tang, Yang
 2018High spin state promotes water oxidation catalysis at neutral pH in spinel cobalt oxideMa, Lin; Hung, Sung-Fu; Zhang, Liping; Cai, Weizheng; Yang, Hongbin; Chen, Hao Ming; Liu, Bin
 2012Image retargeting quality assessment : a study of subjective scores and objective metricsMa, Lin; Lin, Weisi; Deng, Chenwei; Ngan, King Ngi
 2013Large two-photon absorption of terpyridine-based quadrupolar derivatives : towards their applications in optical limiting and biological imagingLi, Hairong; Rajwar, Deepa; Ying, Yongjun; He, Tingchao; Lim, Zheng Bang; Ma, Lin; Di, Ziyun; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Sun, Handong
 2012Mechanism studies on the superior optical limiting observed in graphene oxide covalently functionalized with upconversion NaYF4:Yb3+/Er3+ nanoparticlesHe, Tingchao; Wei, Wei; Ma, Lin; Chen, Rui; Wu, Shixin; Zhang, Hua; Yang, Yanhui; Ma, Jan; Huang, Ling; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.; Sun, Handong
 2012Nanocomposites of graphene oxide and upconversion rare-earth nanocrystals with superior optical limiting performanceMa, Jan; Yang, Yanhui; Wei, Wei; He, Tingchao; Teng, Xue; Wu, Shixin; Ma, Lin; Zhang, Hua; Chen, Hongyu; Han, Yu; Sun, Handong; Huang, Ling
2012The origin of fluorescence from graphene oxideGurzadyan, Gagik G.; Shang, Jingzhi; Ma, Lin; Li, Jiewei; Ai, Wei; Yu, Ting
2011Pyrolysis kinetics of pure and waste plastics by non-isothermal thermogravimetric analysisMa, Lin
2016A robust CMOS temperature sensor for system-on chip applicationsMa, Lin
 2018Screen content image quality assessment using multi-scale difference of GaussianFu, Ying; Zeng, Huanqiang; Ma, Lin; Ni, Zhangkai; Zhu, Jianqing; Ma, Kai-Kuang
2016Single photon triggered dianion formation in TCNQ and F4TCNQ crystalsMa, Lin; Hu, Peng; Jiang, Hui; Kloc, Christian; Sun, Handong; Soci, Cesare; Voityuk, Alexander A.; Michel-Beyerle, Maria E.; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.
2014Singlet fission in organic crystals : ultrafast spectroscopic studyMa, Lin
 2012Singlet fission in rubrene single crystal : direct observation by femtosecond pump–probe spectroscopyGurzadyan, Gagik G.; Ma, Lin; Zhang, Keke; Sun, Handong; Michel-Beyerle, Maria Elisabeth; Kloc, Christian
2015Small-Size Effects on Electron Transfer in P3HT/InP Quantum DotsSoci, Cesare; Yin, Jun; Kumar, Manoj; Lei, Qiong; Ma, Lin; Raavi, Sai Santosh Kumar; Gurzadyan, Gagik Grigorʹevich
 2012Study of subjective and objective quality assessment of retargeted imagesMa, Lin; Lin, Weisi; Deng, Chenwei; Ngan, King Ngi