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2016Just-Noticeable Difference-Based Perceptual Optimization for JPEG CompressionZhang, Xinfeng; Wang, Shiqi; Gu, Ke; Lin, Weisi; Ma, Siwei; Gao, Wen
2016Nonlocal In-Loop Filter: The Way Toward Next-Generation Video Coding?Ma, Siwei; Zhang, Xinfeng; Zhang, Jian; Jia, Chuanmin; Wang, Shiqi; Gao, Wen
 2017Rate-distortion optimized sparse coding with ordered dictionary for image set compressionZhang, Xinfeng; Lin, Weisi; Zhang, Yabin; Wang, Shiqi; Ma, Siwei; Duan, Lingyu; Gao, Wen
 2016Reduced-reference quality assessment of screen content imagesWang, Shiqi; Gu, Ke; Zhang, Xinfeng; Lin, Weisi; Ma, Siwei; Gao, Wen
2021Unified information fusion network for multi-modal RGB-D and RGB-T salient object detectionGao, Wei; Liao, Guibiao; Ma, Siwei; Li, Ge; Liang, Yongsheng; Lin, Weisi