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2022Forward osmosis membranes: the significant roles of selective layerTian, Miao; Ma, Tao; Goh, Kunli; Pei, Zhiqiang; Chong, Jeng Yi; Wang, Yi-Ning
 2022A novel nanofiltration membrane with a sacrificial chlorine-resistant nanofilm: design and characterization of tailored membrane pores and surface chargeTian, Miao; Hui, Haiqing; Ma, Tao; Zhao, Guanru; Zarak, Mahmood; You, Xiaofei; Li, Wenlu
 2022Parameter sensitivity analysis of a cooperative dynamic bus lane system with connected vehiclesXie, Meng; Winsor, Michael; Ma, Tao; Rau, Andreas; Busch, Fritz; Antoniou, Constantinos