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2022Bio-mimicking acellular wet electrospun scaffolds promote accelerated integration and re-epithelialization of full-thickness dermal woundsChin, Jiah Shin; Madden, Leigh; Phillips, Anthony R. J.; Chew, Sing Yian; Becker, David Lawrence
2022Connexin43 in post-surgical peritoneal adhesion formationChua, Jia Wang; Thangaveloo, Moogaambikai; Lim, Debbie Xiu En; Madden, Leigh; Phillips, Anthony R. J.; Becker, David Lawrence
2019Depth sensitive Raman spectroscopy for skin wounds in rodentsSu, Joshua Weiming; Wang, Qiang; Tian, Yao; Madden, Leigh; Teo, Erica Mei Ling; Becker, David Laurence; Liu, Quan
 2022Development of a refined ex vivo model of peritoneal adhesion formation, and a role for connexin 43 in their developmentChua, Jia Wang; Madden, Leigh; Lim, Sophia Beng Hui; Philips, Anthony R. J.; Becker, David Lawrence
 2019Drug therapies and delivery mechanisms to treat perturbed skin wound healingChin, Jiah Shin; Madden, Leigh; Chew, Sing Yian; Becker, David Lawrence
2017Enterococcus faecalis Modulates Immune Activation and Slows Healing During Wound InfectionChong, Kelvin Kian Long; Tay, Wei Hong; Janela, Baptiste; Yong, Adeline Mei Hui; Liew, Tze Horng; Madden, Leigh; Keogh, Damien; Barkham, Timothy Mark Sebastian; Ginhoux, Florent; Becker, David Laurence; Kline, Kimberly A.
2018Targeting Cx26 expression by sustained release of Cx26 antisense from scaffolds reduces inflammation and improves wound healingPhillips, Anthony R.J.; Chin, Jiah Shin; Madden, Leigh; Gilmartin, Daniel J.; Soon, Allyson; Thrasivoulou, Christopher; Jayasinghe, Suwan N.; Miles, Michelle; O'Neill, Shay; Hu, Rebecca; Chew, Sing Yian; Becker, David Lawrence
2017Upregulation of epidermal gap junctional proteins in patients with venous diseaseKanapathy, Muholan; Simpson, R.; Madden, Leigh; Thrasivoulou, C.; Mosahebi, A.; Becker, David Lawrence; Richards, T.