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2022Childhood antibiotics as a risk factor for Crohn's disease: the ENIGMA international cohort studyMak, Joyce W. Y.; Yang, Sun; Stanley, Annalise; Lin, Xiaoqing; Morrison, Mark; Ching, Jessica Y. L.; Niu, Junkun; Wilson-O'Brien, Amy L.; Feng, Rui; Tang, Whitney; Hamilton, Amy L.; Or, Leo; Trakman, Gina L.; Lin, Winnie Y. Y.; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Chen, Ming Hu; Mao, Yinglei; Kamm, Michael A.; Ng, Siew C.
 2022Effectiveness of prophylactic clipping in preventing postpolypectomy bleeding in oral anticoagulant users: a propensity-score analysisLau, Louis H. S.; Guo, Cosmos L. T.; Lee, Joyce K. K.; Chan, Clive S. T.; Mak, Joyce W. Y.; Wong, Sunny H.; Yip, Terry C. F.; Wong, Grace L. H.; Wong, Vincent W. S.; Chan, Francis K. L.; Tang, Raymond S. Y.
2021Trends in incidence and clinical outcomes of Clostridioides difficile infection, Hong KongGuo, Cosmos L. T.; Kwong, Thomas N. Y.; Mak, Joyce W. Y.; Zhang, Lin; Lui, Grace C. Y.; Wong, Grace L. H.; Ip, Margaret; Yu, Jun; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Wu, William K. K.; Wong, Sunny Hei