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2012Boundary handling mechanism for lifting-based spatial adaptation of filter banksMakur, Anamitra; Jayachandra, D.
2015Compressive sensing based video object compression schemes for surveillance systemsNarayanan, Sathiya; Makur, Anamitra
2013Dictionary training for sparse representation as generalization of K-means clusteringSahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
2013Directionlets using in-phase lifting for image representationMakur, Anamitra; Jayachandra, Dakala
 2011The existence and design of functional observers for two-dimensional systemsXu, Huiling; Lin, Zhiping; Makur, Anamitra
2004Fast filter bank and alternate decomposition for subband image compressionNaga Sasidhar Ravella
2017Greedy Pursuits Assisted Basis Pursuit for reconstruction of joint-sparse signalsNarayanan, Sathiya; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
2018Greedy pursuits based gradual weighting strategy for weighted ℓ1-minimizationNarayanan, Sathiya; Sahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
 2012Hermitian symmetric DFT codes : a new class of complex DFT codesKumar, A. Anil; Makur, Anamitra
 2012Robust unbiased H∞ filtering for uncertain two-dimensional systemsXu, Huiling; Lin, Zhiping; Makur, Anamitra
2015Signal recovery from random measurements via extended orthogonal matching pursuitSahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
2016Sparse Sequential Generalization of K-means for dictionary training on noisy signalsSahoo, Sujit Kumar; Makur, Anamitra
 2012Tamper-proof image watermarking using self-embeddingMakur, Anamitra; Narayan S., Nikhil
 2012Watermark based recovery of tampered documentsMakur, Anamitra; Sridharan, Govindarajan