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2018Assessment of future changes in Southeast Asian precipitation using the NASA Earth Exchange Global Daily Downscaled Projections data setMandapaka, Pradeep V.; Lo, Edmond Yat Man
2012Can Lagrangian extrapolation of radar fields be used for precipitation nowcasting over complex Alpine orography?Mandapaka, Pradeep V.; Germann, Urs.; Panziera, Luca.; Hering, Alessandro.
2009Dissecting the effect of rainfall variability on the statistical structure of peak flowsMandapaka, Pradeep V.; Krajewski, Witold F.; Gupta, Vijay K.; Mantilla, Ricardo.
2010Effect of radar-rainfall uncertainties on the spatial characterization of rainfall eventsMandapaka, Pradeep V.; Villarini, Gabriele.; Seo, Bong‐Chul.; Krajewski, Witold F.
2008Estimation of radar-rainfall error spatial correlationVillarini, Gabriele.; Smith, James A.; Mandapaka, Pradeep V.; Krajewski, Witold F.; Ciach, Grzegorz J.
2012Impact of radar-rainfall error structure on estimated flood magnitude across scales : an investigation based on a parsimonious distributed hydrological modelCunha, Luciana K.; Mandapaka, Pradeep V.; Krajewski, Witold F.; Mantilla, Ricardo.; Bradley, Allen A.
2014A large sample investigation of temporal scale-invariance in rainfall over the tropical urban island of SingaporeMandapaka, Pradeep V.; Qin, Xiaosheng
2009Multiscaling analysis of high resolution space-time lidar-rainfallLewandowski, P.; Eichinger, W. E.; Mandapaka, Pradeep V.; Krajewski, Witold F.
2008Rainfall and sampling uncertainties : a rain gauge perspectiveVillarini, Gabriele.; Mandapaka, Pradeep V.; Krajewski, Witold F.; Moore, Robert J.
2016Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Wet and Dry Spells over Two Urban Regions in the Western Maritime ContinentMandapaka, Pradeep V.; Qin, Xiaosheng; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man