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2017Design automation flow for partial run-time reconfiguration on FPGAsMao, Fubing
 2012An efficient soft error protection scheme for MPSoC and FPGA-based verificationLiu, Weichen; Zhang, Wei; Mao, Fubing
2019Environmental and human data-driven model based on machine learning for prediction of human comfortMao, Fubing; Zhou, Xin; Song, Ying
2019Human comfort in indoor environment : a review on assessment criteria, data collection and data analysis methodsSong, Ying; Mao, Fubing; Liu, Qing
2015Library-Based Placement and Routing in FPGAs with Support of Partial ReconfigurationMao, Fubing; Chen, Yi-Chung; Zhang, Wei; Li, Hai (Helen); He, Bingsheng
 2020Match making in complex social networksMao, Fubing; Ma, Lijia; He, Qiang; Xiao, Gaoxi