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2016Choline Ameliorates Disease Phenotypes in Human iPSC Models of Rett SyndromeChin, Eunice W. M.; Marcy, Guillaume; Yoon, Su-In; Ma, Dongliang; Rosales, Francisco J.; Augustine, George James; Goh, Eyleen Lay Keow
2012Directing neuronal differentiation of primary neural progenitor cells by gene knockdown approachStanton, Lawrence W.; Low, Wei Ching; Yau, Winifred Wing Yiu; Marcy, Guillaume; Goh, Eyleen; Chew, Sing Yian
 2012The effects of nanofiber topography on astrocyte behavior and gene silencing efficiencyCao, Haoqing; Marcy, Guillaume; Goh, Eyleen; Wang, Feng; Wang, Jun; Chew, Sing Yian
2015An optogenetic approach for assessing formation of neuronal connections in a co-culture systemSu, Colin T. E.; Yoon, Su-In; Marcy, Guillaume; Chin, Eunice W. M.; Augustine, George James; Goh, Eyleen Lay Keow